Alli Landino.


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Designer Life

Tower Marketing | UX/UI Designer

I am currently designing up all sorts of fun over at Tower Marketing in Lancaster, PA. Each client brings a new and exciting topic to explore and learn more about. I'm not afraid to talk shop with our developers to make sure our client's site is the best it possibly can be.

Featured Personal Creations

wall piano

Wall Piano

Interactive Installation

Space with a twist—a surprise alternative use. Wall piano is an installation piece made of copper planets that, when touched, play a note found on a piano.

Blum Garden and Teahouse


Branding and UX/UI Design

Aimed to bring the joy of tea to everyone, Blüm Garden and Teahouse is revolutionizing our ideas about small cafes. Take a step into this sophisticated branding experience.

Rais pop up shop

Unique Pretzels

Product Photography

The key to a successful social media presence is a strong and unified look. These photos were created with the intent to entice the user to engage with and purchase Unique Pretzels.

WEdding invitation

The Robertson's

Wedding Invitation Suite

Soft blush pink florals paired with navy blue and gold accents made this invitation suite the perfect pair for a summer wedding in Benson, North Carolina.

Hotel App

The National Inn

Invisible Hotel Designs

Designed to eliminate the need for a front desk, this app allows hotel guests to check in, unlock their rooms, order breakfast in bed and more, all from the convenience of their phones.

Projection Mapping


Projection Mapping

This projection mapping workshop led by Brett Renfer, Creative Director at Bluecadet, focuses on raising awareness of the destruction of the coral reefs.

Photographic Experimentation

Family Portrait
Graduation Portrait
wedding Portrait
Graduation Portrait

Off the Clock


About Me

Coffee Connoisseur, Cat Mom, Musician

I love adventuring with friends, drinking coffee from different cafes, and spoiling my cats. I grew up studying music and drawing whenever I could. Today, I spend my free time practicing my camera skills. Visit my about page to learn how I got into design and view my resume.