About tbe Experiment

Wall Piano

Interactive Experience

Space with a twist—a surprise alternative use. Wall piano is an installation piece made of copper planets that, when touched, play a note found on a piano. To step it up, the user can even select the option to record themselves and hear their creation played back. For this piece I used p5 and an arduino to create the working planet piano. each planet with assinged a frequency preselected and could be activated by completing the circuit—aka tapping the copper.

Featured Personal Creations

Blum Garden and Teahouse


Branding and UX/UI Design

Aimed to bring the joy of tea to everyone, Blüm Garden and Teahouse is revolutionizing our ideas about small cafes. Take a step into this sophisticated branding experience.

Rais pop up shop

The Rais

UX/UI Design

Embarking on a journey to teach students the ways of entrepreneurship, the Rais Pop-up shop was created. This website was designed to give the students a space to sell and collaborate.

WEdding invitation

The Robertsons

Wedding Invitation Suite

Soft blush pink florals paired with navy blue and gold accents made this invitation suite the perfect pair for a summer wedding in Benson, North Carolina.